2n3055 Datasheet And Application Circuits Explained

Nearly 90 % of all medium power electronic equipment include 2N3055 transistors in their final stages – that’s adequate to show the high efficiency of the device. The article gives you with all the required data about this indispensable electronic active component.

Refer the complete DATASHEET explained comprehensively.

The 2N3055 is a NPN Epitaxial-Base Planar Transistor that usually is available embedded in a metal Jedec TO-3 package. The fundamental application covers power handling, high fidelity systems, shunt regulation, and forming the output stages of various power circuits like inverter and SMPS etc.

The device has become essentially the favorite due to some

of its extraordinary features, as summarized below:

Tough design and shipping, makes it less ptone to mechanical stresses during procurement and shipments.
High collector to emitter potential handling capability makes it highly efficient for most power handling

Low base to emitter potential, makes it quickly switchable even with trivial output voltages from linear ICs without including intermediate stages.
Tough output current supplying feature makes it excellent for making power amplifiers and power inverters.
Tough TO-3 case cover makes it easily fittable over heatsinks with clamped face to face contact, making perfect heat distribution from the transistor and confirming higher response.
Fair and constant hFE rate makes it an all purpose replaceable and applicable for most situations.

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