Alpine 2011 Mrx-m500, The Cheap And Best Car Amplifier Features Explained

The Alpine 2011 MRX-M500 car amplifier is specialized and built for driving the types R and S subwoofers efficiently.
The system is rated for generating a massive 300 watts of RMS power over a 4 Ohm speaker load. If a 2 Ohm speaker loaded is connected at the output, the power may be increased to an awesome 500 watts.

The circuit of the amplifier incorporates a highly advanced concept for generating audio outputs with negligible distortions and superb clarity.
The bass boost feature employs a variable control facility making the selection absolutely as per the particular user preference.

Other main

features which make the system outstanding may be summarized with the following points:
• The unit is typically a monoblock Class-D amplifier.
• Capable of delivering power up to 300 watts over 4 Ohm speaker, 500 watt over 2 Ohm speaker and 600 watts over 1 Ohm speaker.
• Fully mosfet based circuitry.
• Fully tested digitally designed hi-efficiency circuitry.
• Bass boost variable and may be selected from the range of 0 to +12dB.
• MOSFETs mounted over specialized high cooling, hi-efficiency heat-sinks for ultimate performance and power outputs even under

hot environments.
• Speakers switch ON automatically in the presence of signal and vice versa.
• All RCA input terminals are Nickel plated for resistance against corrosions and bad weather.
• The entire system is protected with 2 way protection system.
• Input sensitivity is around 0.2 min to 10 max volts.
• Auto variable low pass filter ranging from 50 to 400 Hz, 12 dB per octave.
• Includes subsonic filter ranging between 5 and 30 Hz
• Damping factor of the system may be assumed at over 1000.
• The standard of the system is CEA-2006 compliant.
• Frequency response is between 5 and 400 Hz

My personal experience:

I have installed this unit recently in one of my relative’s vehicle, and I must say the quality of sound from this gadget is amazing. The price of this car amplifier is very reasonable compared to the level of quality and power it’s able to provide.
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