Alternator Wye Type And Delta Type Winding Discussed - Alternator Parts Explored

The windings are fundamentally of types, the Delta and the Wye.

In Delta type of winding, only three leads terminate out, each having equal sets of wiring.

Alternators having Wye design winding have an additional output making them four in total. The extra lead terminates in the form of a Neutral joint of the all the involved outputs.
The main outputs of the stator terminate into the rectifier circuit while the Wye configuration output comprising six wires strands, becomes the neutral junction.

The internal parts become exposed simply by opening the hind cover.

Uncovering the rear lid shows the following components:


regulator module which controls the charging current.
The brushes, responsible for feeding current to the field winding of the rotor.
The bridge rectifier module which makes the AC from the alternator to DC.
The slip rings which are actually the parts of the rotor unit are shown attached with the field winding.
Two of them are positioned over an end of the rotor, each end of the rotor being joined to one slip ring. This
arrangement allows current to conduct through the field winding.
Two stationery brushes are mounted over the slip rings, where the bushes are firmly secured by soldering or through bolts.
The voltage regulator is critically associated with the charging of the vehicle battery without which the condition of the battery may get heavily affected.
As the name refers to, the regulator regulates the amount of current passing through the alternator to the battery, depending upon the degree of the charge or the AH present inside the battery at any instant.
  The bridge rectifier which is another important part of the voltage regulator ensures that the AC from the alternator is appropriately rectified before it reaches the battery.
In other words the rectifier converts both half cycles of the AC to DC which is further filtered using filter capacitors.

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