Best Car Security System - The Viper 350 Plus From Avenue Sound

If you have your sixth sense warning you about a possible theft of your car, it’s time you opted to get your vehicle installed with the right security system. Or perhaps if you are confused regarding the selection of the best security system in the range, here’s what we need to tell you. The Viper Responder 350 PLUS Security System is probably the best and the most effective car security system available today in the market at a very affordable price.

Learn more about a few of its features and specs:

3-Channel, 1-way Security System with Keyless Entry, 4-Button

Remotes and Control Center

This feature allows the user to switch ON or OFF the power controls of his car. Precisely the owner is able to control the arming and the disarming of the car’s power door locks, ignition, alarm etc. remotely from anywhere within a significantly large radial distance from the car. The keyless feature gives you the freedom of switching your car’s ignition even from outside the vehicle from anywhere within the specified distance, no need of the cumbersome keys and mechanical operations.

Fail Proof Ignition Killer – This feature keeps your car absolutely immobilized and in an anti-start position, until you decide to start the vehicle using the remote control handset buttons.

Revenger six-tone, siren and parking light alarm response – Any security system would be useless without an efficient audible alarm system fitted inside the car. The viper 350 a versatile 6-tone alarm cum siren system which is activated during a possible theft attempt or external intervention

attempts by a potential car theif.


Nuisance Inhibitor Circuitry and Panic mode-call for attention by triggering alarm – Many ordinary car security systems are unable to distinguish between actual threats and false threats, which forces the built in alarm to go ON every now and then, creating a lot of nuisance to the owner as well as to the passer by. The viper 350 security system employs an intelligent theft manager circuit which is able to recognize the level of impacts and accordingly triggers the relevant rate of the panic from the alarms, avoiding many confusions and trouble to the associated folks.

Clone-safe Code-Hopping – All remote control systems make the use of wireless signals transmitted at a particular frequency and wavelengths, however unless these are appropriately disguised or concealed while prpogating, become quite vulnerable with the potential hackers, who can immediately clone these signals to make duplicate remote systems, an easy way to run away wth expensive assets.

However the viper 350 is entirely shielded from all such threats because the signals emitted from its remote control is in the form of digitally encoded frequency which is just impossible to track, format or copy.

All these and more at an extremely affordable price from AVENUE SOUND

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