Beware! Negative Emotions And Stress Can Promote Heart Disorders And Heart Attack

Our heart is probably the hardest working organs of our body which beats 24/7 just to keep us alive. Seldom do we think of this and never pay attention toward it until the worst.
Generally it’s thought that heart is affected by external agents like smoke, oil, food habits etc. however research has shown that heart may also be adversely affected by our day to day emotional status and social situations. Although it has not been convincingly proved but there are plenty of examples that been diagnosed with the above conditions.

How Stress Can Cause a Heart Atttack

Though small doses

of stress can bring positivity to our life by inducing motivations and inspirations, an overdose of it
can be harmful. The same is true for other emotional factors like anger, jealousy, anxiety etc.
A bad mood can cause our stress hormone to boost up. They may constrict the blood vessels, speeding up the heart beat. This increase in the rate of the heart beat further sends out stress signals to the body aggravating the process producing more detrimental effects on the organ.
Psychological factors have been reported to increase the C-reactive proteins in our body called interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor responsible for increasing inflammation and artery clogging atherosclerosis which may finally cause various heart related problems or even a stroke.

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