Ceiling Fan Dimmer Stopped Working - Learn How To Fix It

All of a sudden you find that your ceiling fan is not moving or responding to the dimmer switch and rotating the dimmer knob just won't do anything. Surely it is the dimmer switch which is the culprit and not the fan. Although mostly dimmer switches are pretty robust in their designs and don't get damaged so easily, with competition among the manufacturers getting fierce day after day, the quality is bound to get affected.

If you find your ceiling fan dimmer just stopped working, it can be repaired very easily provided you have some knowledge of electronics and know

how to use a digital multitester and how to use a soldering iron, needess to say that you've got to have these devices with you for the required operations.

All dimmer switches are based on and work with the help of one active component called the triac. It's a

black colored part with a metal plate back and have three leads.

Most of the times the triac is the one which gets damaged and can be easily replaced with an equivalent type (you can use BT136 here).

Instead of directly replacing you may use a multitester to actually confirm the fault with the part, just check the continuity across the leads, a good triac will show continuity across its extreme two leads and will not show across the middle lead and the other leads.

Very rarely though, if the triac seems to be OK, you may directly replace the small blue colored part called the diac (DB-3) and for a guaranteed result you may also replace the small PPC capacitors, the dimmer switch is bound to start working.

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