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Are you a newbie in the field of electronics? Are you confused with the many parameters within electronics, which look intriguing but are difficult to digest?
Or probably you are too harassed by many of the experts in the field, who pretend to teach you the basic terms but actually do it such that the secrets are never revealed. All these may just lead to frustration and you finally decide to quit the subject, and you never realize how you just killed the great scientist in you.
Well, you can definitely relax now, with Swagatam's electronic articles and tutorials

you can not only learn all the nitty- gritties of the subject but can also master to the core...and that's a promise.
A new electronic enthusiast mostly are initially are quite ill informed about the subject and they just wonder how the experts are able to

successfully design electronic circuits of their own at will and as desired.

Post your questions here - ASK ANY CIRCUIT RELATED QUESTION

The above given link provides you with many useful circuits you always wanted to build at home. And what more, you are escorted, guided with online help throughout the project, until you have successfully built it.
There are so many young hobbyists who have praised my and benefitted from my intense efforts in educating them through an online support, whether it’s for their science projects or college electronic projects, through my guidance and support they could always and every time get to the target and achieve their goals.

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