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Question: I wish to acquire the best signal characteristic using my Denon reciever. My Blu ray player possesses an optical out for sound. Too, my Denon DOESN'T have HDMI, hence no assistance for TrueHD, and DTS Master Audio etc. Nevertheless it sustains outdated codecs akin to Dolby Digital, DTS etc. It also promotes PCM, but are we saying that it encourages Linear PCM on top? Can PCM and Linear PCM take place via optical?
Thanx a ton, pretty much any info will be well liked!!

I possess 5 Paradigm audio speakers and also 1 Paradigm subwoofer.

Ans: You do possess

support for the new hi-def codecs in the event that your blu ray includes an onboard decoder with multi-channel analog outputs of course in the event that your receiver offers the multi-channel analog inputs. Coordinate them up and you are in business. They are simple older RCA jacks, so that you may possibly able to identify some old RCAs about the house to get you going.

a digital optical connection (better known as a TosLink) is only going to hold PCM/LPCM dolby and dts. LPCM aka PCM is Linear Pulse Code Modulation, it ordinarily refers to CDs or an identical bit stream (16bits 44.1k or 48k sampling rate) 2 channel just for optical and coaxial

digital outputs.

Certain receivers carry multi-channel PCM (CD grade sound) nonetheless it succeeds exclusively over HDMI digitally.

Back in your position. In case you have only the optical output, omit PCM, it will eventually simply be two channel over optical. Even when your system is in surround, it's likely to be simulated, depending on the info from only two channels.

Nowadays, dolby and dts. Folks quarrel this, nevertheless the normal settlement is that an increased bit rate (data per second) need to deliver more beneficial sound quality. Dolby runs at 348 and 448k per second, more significant than MP3, certainly not taking into account that's stretch over 6 channels (5 plus subwoofer) There is one more old dolby that runs at over 600k, nonetheless I never noticed one on DVD. It may be appearing on blue-ray.

DTS runs at 754k minimum and maxes out at 1.5mb and that's regular old common dts available on Standard discs and even blu ray.

So if optical is your simply connectability, decide on dts whenever feasible.

Assume this clears things up.

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