How Biotin Helps To Fight Hair Loss

Hair loss problem may be predemoninantly a hereditary issue, however some vitamin deficiency can definitely agravate the problem and start it prematurely. 


 in A deficiency in zinc has long been ~ linked to skin problems like acne, dandruff, and slow wound healing. Where to get it: Your body ean’t synthesize zine; it has to get it from food. Crab and oysters offer a lot of zine; meat (liver), poultry, beans, eggs. milk and whole grain cereals get you some, too.

Biotin for Hair Growth

Healthy hair depends on a constant supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to grow and maintain

a healthy look and feel. And unlike skin, hair cannot repair itself. If your brush has more hair in it than you’d like, make sure you’re not short on biotin (u.k.a. vitamin B8, or vitamin H). Biotin along with vitamin C and certain amino acids, prevents the peroxidation of oil formation on the scalp, which left unchecked, can clog hair follicles and cause hair loss. The vitamin can also help people with brittle, peeling nails (a condition called onychoschizia). Where to get in Nuts are the best source of biotin—cup of

peanuts or almonds, or a couple of tablespoons of pezmut butter will get you the RDA of 30 mcg. 1t’s also found in cauliflower, eggs, cheese, fish, brown rice.


Low iron stores will be reflected in dull, lifeless hair and skin long before showing up as anemia. Most women who lose hair from non-ac-related causes are probably iron-deficiency Where to get il: Mostly red meat, which offer: the most digestible form; chicken, egg yolk, shrimp are other nun veg s0urces.(You need at least 3 (1 mg a day.) Vegetarians and dieters are most at risk. Iron is present in leafy greens, but the J b0dy carn’t absorb it. S0 if y0u’re veg, y0ur daily intake needs to be hgher. Look for iron in beans and peas (legumes), cereals, leafy greens, dried fruit, walnut and acidic foods cooked in iron pets.  

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