How To Build An Automatic Highly Accurate Mains Operated Voltage Stabilizer

A very useful automatic mains operated voltage stabilizer circuit design is discussed here. The circuit is basically built around accurate opamp configurations which are set as comparators.
The input voltage levels are appropriately sensed by these opamps and the relevant output is activated.
The output triggers the attached SSR whose terminals select and connect the appropriate voltage tap from the power transformer so that the the connected load is fed with the corrected voltage.
The circuit incorporates solid state relays SSRs which are more reliable than Triacs and Relays.
Moreover SSRs are designed to handle extreme loads at extreme power

levels without wear and tears or sparking and arching.
Being entirely solid
state it ensures smooth transitions and minimum switching surge to the connected loads, thus provides excellent regulation of the corrected voltages.
The proposed unit of 5kva voltage stabilizer can be used as a whole house power stabilizer for controlling all the precious gadgets of your house from dangerous voltage fluctuations.
The circuit also becomes extremely suitable for controlling power malfunctions of an entire building or an apartment.
Another application of the built circuit is for safeguarding motor pumps from instantaneous blackouts or brownouts.

The whole circuit design is discussed HERE.

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