How To Build A Cheap, Homemade Effective Car Security System Circuit

I discussed through one of my other posts regarding the popularity of cars with the folks and how we are today quite incomplete without these outstanding transport vehicles. However popularity of these systems also means these are expensive and therefore are precious. Precious items are prone to thefts and so are our cars.
Though there are a plenty of security devices especially built for safeguarding vehicles, these devices are also very costly. Nowadays modern security systems incorporate circuits through which the owner of the vehicle is able to control the various parameters of his vehicle remotely. These system involve remote

controlled transmitters used for triggering a receiver system installed inside the car, which responds to the triggers and locks or unlocks the vehicles ignition and the doors. The locking of the

vehicle’s ignition actually becomes the important part of the whole security issue and once it’s armed from the intruders becomes absolutely foolproof.
But instead of using these hi-end type of security systems we can employ a smart (costing less than 1$) yet very simple electronic car security system involving an electronic circuit and a switch mechanism for the necessary actions. By flipping a hidden switch we can trigger exact action as a sophisticated system would do for the required jamming of the ignition system of our car.

GSM car security circuit at the bottom of the page

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