How To Build A Dual Axis Solar Tracker Mechanism Circuit

Solar energy from sun as we all know is abundant and more interestingly it's absolutely free. It's like free energy all around us getting wasted without most of us paying any heed.

Yes that's what we all ignorantly are doing everyday and complaining about rising utility bills.

It's all about contemplating some and finding some means through which you can start collecting this immense source of energy for your own benefit that is for illuminating lamps and for energizing other electrical appliance without paying a penny.

For this to happen you would ceratinly require some initial investment and some knowledge of electronics

A solar

panel would be primarily required for the necessary conversions of sun rays to electricity, however that's not enough.

You would also need some kind of mechanism which would point the solar panel toward the sun at 90 degree angle so that the conversion is always optimal. This would efficiently minimize the size of the soar panel effectively saving money and space.

A solar tracker mechanism is a costly thing to be purchased, so why not build one at home?

That's absoutely feasible....just a bit of hard work, a little investment and there you are, ready with a dual solar tracker mechanism that not only convert solar

power to electricity but do it with great efficency.

The mechnaism would also require an electronic brain, which keep thesolar panel oriented toward the sun during day.

You may refer to this CIRCUIT DIAGRAM for getting info regarding the proposed project.

People accept approved to acquisition a antidote by installing added solar panels at altered angles. This band-aid too has its own drawbacks, like, actual aerial antecedent costs, advanced variations in the ascribe ability and beneath than 50 % of the units absolutely get activated at a accurate instant.

A simple architecture abstraction of a dual-axis solar tracker arrangement presented actuality should booty affliction of the aloft botheration actual effectively.

Building solar trackers may assume actual complex, but as we will see, the proposed abstraction is not alone accessible to understand, but additionally provides a absolute band-aid for tracking the sun as desired.

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