How To Build A Machine Gun Sound Generator, Simulator Circuit

We all know what machine guns are and that these devices are used for self protection by all organizations engaged with responsibilities of protecting the relevant areas like borders of a country, sea, forests or simply by the police men for the sake of protecting the common folks from anti social elements or terrorist.
However these potentially dangerous devices are allowed to be used only by the authorized individuals and are not for everybody. But having said that, nobody can restrict you from using machine guns and killing virtual enemies in the various video games and in similar entertainments.

all how exciting it becomes to hold a position and go firing at the enemies in video games, these are
mind boggling stuffs, but could the actions really chill your spines without the complementing audio effects which almost produce realistic machine gun sounds?
Off course not, most of the excitement would just vanish off if the sound part from such games is removed.
One such circuit which can be used to generate interesting machine gun sound effects is explained in the article. The machine gun simulator circuit or the machine gun sound generator circuit employs three ICs and a few controls through which differently pitched machine gun sounds can be produces and imitated like that of a M16, AK 47, UZI etc.

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