How To Build A Simple Mains Over Voltage And Under Voltage Cut Out Circuit

Mains voltage fluctuations are pretty common in our electrical systems and despite of being aware of the fact we seldom pay attentions to this threat, and as a result we occasionally have to face the penalty by losing one of our precious electrical equipment. Voltage fluctuations within tolerable limits are quite acceptable as they don’t pose much of a threat to our systems; these may be in the form of a 10% rise or fall over normal levels.
However beyond this limit things start getting dangerous and might have the potentials of inflicting severe damage to some of our precious

electrical gadgets. A voltage stabilizer is generally employed for checking these malfunctions but again beyond certain

limits even these guarding system become quite helpless and in fact themselves become vulnerable to the situations.
The condition may be effectively controlled using a cheap over voltage and under voltage cut out circuit which immediately cuts off the power to the appliances as well as to it under abnormal voltage conditions, providing instant protections to the connected load. Since it cut offs the power even to its own circuit remains totally safe from the dangerous potentials. The circuit is very easy to build at home and once installed provides with some very useful services for the desired purpose.

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