How To Build A Telephone Ring Amplifier Circuit

Do you often get irritated due to low ring volumes from your landline telephone? This can in fact become a real problem with houses having multiple rooms. A simple circuit idea of a telephone ring amplifier produced here will make the volume of your telephone audible from anywhere in the house


Landline telephones, being neither mobile nor portable, find their position installed at certain fixed locations. Therefore when they ring they can be heard only immediately around the premise where it is located. This can sometimes make it difficult to respond the incoming call in case the owner moves a little

distance away from the telephone. Especially if the area happens to be surrounded with lot of commotion, the problem may be aggravated. The same may be true with telephones in workshops where the noise from heavy machinery can totally prevent
one from hearing the rings.


However, if with a small inexpensive circuit, the audio or the ring from the telephone is amplified externally, it can make the sound reach to greater distances solving the headache of constant anticipation. One such circuit of a telephone ring amplifier is described here, so let’s learn how it functions.

The circuit utilizes ordinary electronic components like a few NPN transistors, few resistors, and a small audio transformer for completing the assembly. Once assembled the unit may be placed very close to the telephone wire, as soon as a call connects, the amplifier immediately comes into action and amplifies the music rings loudly corresponding to the incoming signals. 

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