How To Build A Wireless Fm Remote Control Circuit

With new innovations in electronics getting updated every now and then, the respective gagets are getting much smaller and sleeker. We have seen how we are able to control our TV sets using a remote control hanset effortlessly, without moving an inch from our seats. However, these remote controls work on infra red priniciple which has a big drawback that they cannot be operated across walls or if there's an opaque barrier in between the remote transmitter and the receiver.

The present circuit idea completely overcomes this drawback and can be operated across all barriers as it involves VHF FM

frequency. The ICs used are highly sophisticated and does not incorporate difficult to build inductors or L/C tank circuits.

The transmitter and the receiver modules comprise of

an RF generator/encoder and RF receiver/decoder respectively which are complementary to each other and are able to switch and decode four signals discretly, that means the circuit can be used to control four appliances or any electrical gadget separately using a single remote control system.

The ICs used are SMD types and therefore the units can be accomodated unside very small enclosures (much smaller than a match box) using button cells, the receiver section will be however bigger in size since it may involve relays to be activated at its outputs and may have to include a transformer for the purpose.    

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