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Hi-Fi audio component system


Audio components have traditionally consisted of tuners, amplifiers, cassette decks, turntables, graphic equalizers and speakers.

Since last couple of decades, compact disc player (CDP) has become a must.

Tuners are good enough to pick up weak signals and reject interference, thus producing a clean, noise—free sound. Current tuners utilize drift-free quartz- reference digital-synthesis tuning and feature dual-gate MOSFET front ends for high sensitivity.

Balanced mixing stages ensure the lowest possible distortion. Audio-scanning is standard for all models, and thirty presets allow instant station selection.

Graphic equalizers are also common in audio component systems today, although they have long been shunned by

purists because of noise problems. However, modern graphic equalizers are dead quiet even at full 3 boost-12 dB above reference level.

A standard model has 9-band x 2 equalizers with slide controls, center frequencies of 63, 125, 250, 500Hz, lk, 2k, 4k and 16kHz and 9-band spectrum analyzers.

Yamaha amplifiers are the most competitive in terms of quality and the price ratio. Only top-grade components are used, including motorized volume

controls instead of cheaper IC attenuators, and tone controls may be by passed by the user for the least noise distortion.

Self-wiping switches are used for frequent contact areas, and heavy-duty connectors are attached to the speaker cables. Integrated amplifiers incorporate accurate, low-noise phones, and have video inputs and full-sound capabilities.

Avenue Sound is firmly anchored with many of the top ranges in the audio component systems market. With many of the major players unable to cater all the ranges, Avenue sound has emerged as one of the most powerful suppliers of these systems, even though it is still challenged by a few of the top names.

However customer service from Avenue sound is believed to be more reliable than their counterparts in terms of quick response and shipments.

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