How Computer Mouse Works

 We use this tiny device everyday yet seldom ask ourselves regarding how a mouse actually works, truly it’s perhaps worth pondering about it’s basic internal operations.
Virtually it might completely make an individual lose its control over a computer without these fantastic little mice like looking devices. The optical mouse is nowadays more commonly used and is more efficient than the previous ball type mouse device. An optical mouse consists of a bright light source which is place and illuminated under the flat bottom surface, focusing the mouse pad. The light is basically a LED whose focused light gets reflected

from the mouse pad onto an associated built-in photo cell device also fixed at the underside of the mouse, used for converting the reflected light into electrical pulsed information. Before reaching the photocell, the reflected light has to pass through a magnifying lens so that the light transferred becomes more accurately beamed over the photo cell.

pad over which we slide the mouse to and fro quite acts as a map guide corresponding to the dimensions of the computer screen. As the mouse is moved, the light variations from the LED are detected by the photocell and the information is fed to an IC circuit which tracks the movements and the directions of the mouse over the pad and correspondingly shifts the arrow “click” head to the desired positions over the screen of the computer.
The mouse also is provided with a scrolling wheel which again utilizes a light interruption method for indicating the “rolling” operations and the directions are translated by shuffling the screen of the computer through up/down movements.
The left and right click facilities are purely electronics and do not involve any mechanical or optical interventions and are initiated using complex circuits.


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