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Berberine is extracted from the herb Barberry and is popularly used for treating diarrhea. It is also known for its good effects in controlling cholesterol levels as per the studies conducted by “Nature Medicines.” According to an experiment conducted over 91 hypercholestrolemic patients for over a couple of months, showed astounding effects. Berberine helped to reduce total cholesterol level to about 29 %, triglycerides to 35 % and LDL-cholesterol to more than 25 %. We all know regarding statins and how they work to block the liver from making cholesterol and how it initiates the liver cells to filter cholesterol from blood. Berberine
is seen to have enhanced the liver cells above

ability, irrespective of the level produced inside the liver. Although the above effects may not be huge, it can be increased with larger doses of the herb, scientists say. Another positive aspect of this herb is that it is free from any side effects, quite against statins which have tendencies of producing muscle aches and possible liver damage. The herb also acts as a side booster fo patients with whom statins become inadequate in controlling cholesterol levels effectively. Ultimately with the above benefits of berberine it may be also seen effective in controlling heart attacks and heart strokes, moreover the herb being very cheap and available over counter, becomes easily accessible to all.

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