How To Develop Your Intuition

Purity: Try and clean your life first,
free yourself of unwanted emotions,
and assess your life. A clean con-
sciousness is the first step to develop-
ing your intuition.

Meditation: The best way to develop
your intuition. Stop thinking about any-
thing in particular and make your mind
blank. Take time out and connect with
your inner knowledge.

Visualization: Spend time doing
nothing at all and let your mind wan-
der. D0 not restrict your mind to what
you should and should not think.
Observe your emotions and speak out
loud whatever images cross your mind.

Sense your body’s energies
Our bodies have

energy fields that
envelop each of us. Through intuition,
we can experience these energies,
which can tell us a lot about a person.

Be Alert: Your intuition may send you
signals and though they may not
always be clear, you must always be -
prepared to receive them. Be sensitive
to your surroundings and ask ques-
` tions to your intuition.

When the time is
right, you will be sure of the answer.

Be positive: Always think positive
and learn to downplay excessive emo-
tions such as fear, as this may affect
your intuition. intellect may often force
, us to doubt our intuition, but it is vital
to believe in it for its growth.

It may be concluded that to develop your intuition,
nothing is infallible and your intuition is
no exception. Keep believing in it
though, and it will get stronger and
better. Keep testing its level of accura-
cy to find out just how powerful it can
T be? cumz

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