How Diodes Rectify Ac And How To Use Diodes

Diodes are one of the important active components of the electronic family.

They can be of  many different types like, rectifier diode,

zener diode, sckotkey diode, tunnel diode etc.

The most cpmmon type that are extensively used in

electronic circuits are the rectifier diodes, Let's learn

Refer the How diodes rectify.

and how to use diodes.

Rectifier diodes, as thename referes to, are used for rectifying an AC or alternating current. Rectifying an AC means making AC to DC, or in other words passing a source current only through one direction.

Therefore depending upon the polarity of the diode, either only the positive cycles or the

negative cycles are allowed to pass through the diodes one end to the other.

Precisely, if the AC is introduces at the cathode of the diode, only the positive cycles are allowe through

it, therefore we are able to receive only positive from the AC, thus here it is rectified positively.

Similarly if the AC is introduced at the anode of the diode, only the negative cycles are alowed through the diode and we receive the AC as negatively rectified. However measuring the output with reverse polarity gives vice versa results.

Rectifiers diodes can be typically identified as tiny cylindrical cases with a band on one of their ends and two terminals, one on each side of their body ends 

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