How To Generate Electricity From Heat - Circuit Diagram Included

Scientists have always struggled finding a SOLID-STATE method of generating electricity from heat, and so far have not quite succeeded. Although a complex procedure, here we discuss comprehensively how we can convert waste heat into electricity using tunnel diodes.

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lf RDS values seem to cluster higher or I lower, try another unit as a reference and try matching to it.
This increases the volatge to 30V. A 0.1;4F capacitor should be connected across the zener diode as shown. The zener should be of

suitable wattage rating. In a similar manner for 27V use a 3,3V 'zener or for 33V a 9.1V zener.
ln practice, this voltage is developed S across R9 and hence
A transistor socket will facilitate changing FETs.

The thyristor should have a

current rating about twice the expected short circuit current and a maximum voltage greater than the supply voltage.
Two types are shown for both positive and negative earth systems.
Normally, relays are provided with two pairs of change- over contacts. Pair R/ l is used in the live wire path.
if neither light, this means that the diode under test is open circuit.
The instrument shown will measure currents from 1[1A_Y0 1A F.S.D. in seven ranges.
The pot could be connected between the negative lead of C1 and ground and would not then need t0 be insulated. This regulator is ideal for SSB linear amplifier tube screens.

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