How To Make A 100 Watt Led Flashlight Circuit - Datasheet Added

We have all seen LEDs and very well know about it's outstanding light generating capabiities. Howver the common types of LEDs that we are aware of are smaller in size around 5mm in diameter. Though efficient, many of these are required to reach optimum light levels for illuminating  houses.

Please refer THE CIRCUIT DIAGRAM to understand the datasheet and how to make a 100 watt LED flashlight cum floodlight.

With LED technology at its peak it's not surprising to see some incredible advancements with this efficient light producing device.

Here we discuss a 100 watt LED features and how it can be

used for making a flashlight that would easily illuminate a house a 20 meter square sufficiently.

Among the main features the led module includes the following specs:

High intensity power

from a relatively smaller area of 40 centimter square.

100 watts of power output without any degradations.

The voltage required to operate it is also quite reasonable at 35 volts.

The current required is around 2800 milli amps.

The safe operating temperature is also wide between 0 to 120 degree Celsius.

Viewing angle is within 120 degrees.

The proposed circuit can be used for driving the module safely as it incorporates a current limiting configuration.

The two transistors employed in conjuction with a sensing resistor works perfectly for the proposed high power floodlight application.

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