How To Make An Auto Parts Tester Machine - Cdi, Ignition Coil, Flasher Checking Machine

An automobile is a complex machine comprising mechanical, electrical and electronic integrations. The lectrical systems in a vehicle especially becomes the major section without which a vehicle may become quite impossible to operate.

The electrical system basically consists of the alternator, ignition system, flasher, battery, lights, horns etc.

With so many parameters involved, a malfunction in the system can never be denied.

Simpler electrical accessories like lights, fans, wires, fuses etc are relatively easy to troubleshoot and replace. However complicated system like the ignition system of a vehicle may invlove difficult steps while doing the required fault findings. 

As an example an iginition set

up may incorporate an ignition coil, a spark plug, the alternator, battery to be precise. A fault in the mechanism would mean any one or more than one member is possibly out of order.


href="">CDI and an ignition coil are among the sophiticated electronic units which cannot be verified using a mutitester or other ordinary equipment, so for testing CDIs or ignition coils, special universal auto part testing machine become highly essential. 

One such simple machine design has been discussed HERE, the idea is very straightforward and allows you to check most of the automobile electrical parts like, lights, horns, FLASHER units, CDI units, IGNITION coils etc to name a few, the machine is a must and a  gem of a unit for all auto garage shops.

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