How To Make An Efficient Homemade Solar Cooker

The main idea for getting optimum results with solar heat lies in maximum trapping and concentration of sun light. Sun rays hitting incident over a surface may generate just little heating; however gathering them inside an air lea proof enclosure covered with glass may help aggravating the accumulated heat to more than 50%.

This happens because the usual sun rays which normally consists of long waves dig their path successfully through the glass cover into the box but the reverted rays from the container plain are converted to short waves which due to their inherent property get locked inside the box

and are not able to get away from the glass top resulting in the accumalation of temperature in the enclosed space.

However, achieving temperatures up to high degrees that would actually be applicable for cooking purposes

looks a big challenge as far as collecting it from the natural processes is concerned. Homemade solar cookers made from multilayered containers with glass tops surely generate high temperatures inside them, but can never reach heat levels that would cook vegetables or meat as desired. These cookers are great only for heating water or food that’s already cooked, moreover as already explained inserting and withdrawing food containers inside them does not seem clean enough and may cause a lot of mess.

The present idea will not only answer the question “how to make a solar cooker,” but also a perfect solution to effective cooking using solar power.......


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