How To Make An Fm Remote Control - Circuit Diagram Added

A remote control is a device which can be used for controling a particular electrical gadget remotely without making any physical contact with the appliance which is being controled or simply the appliance can be controled wirelessly.

Although there are many remote control gadgets available in the market but these are highly priced or might be not legal to use freely.

What about making a homemade remote control that wouls easily fulfil the requirements and also provide a lot of fun while making it.

Refer the CIRCUIT DIAGRAM to know how to make an FM remote control

The idea is rather simple. we

are not getting into complex circuits and setting procedures. Instead we are going to modify an existing FM radio so that it can be used for receiving the signals from a small FM transmitter built by you.

[Are you looking
for a custom built circuit for a specific application, feel free to post it HERE]
Basically as we all know that when a sinal from a FM transmitter is received by a FM radio, a null is created over that particular station on the radio. And if the FM transmitter signal is modulated by an audio signal, the null point now starts playing that audio which was transmitted by the transmitter.

This audio reception over the FM radio can be effectively converted into outputs that can be used for switching electrical appliances connected through a relay mechanism.

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