How To Make A Ghost Detector Circuit

In one of my previous articles you must have read regarding a simple and detailed construction of a ghost detector circuit. Read the article to know how to make it yourself at home. For further ease of construction a schematic is provided here.
Also I would like to share an interesting incident that took place when a doctor friend of mine decided to test my ghost detector circuit. He told me that he was interested to detect a possible paranormal vibration inside a morgue.
A month later what he revealed was hard to believe and quite astonishing for a

skeptic like me.
According to him during midnights at least once every week, the

LED in the RF signal detector circuit behaved( flickered ) weirdly every time he went inside the mortuary.
The matter became creepier when it was confirmed that there wasn't anything else like a RF signal from a mobile phone, thunderstorm or other disturbances in the atmosphere that could possibly have disturbed the ghost detector circuit and made its LED flicker.

You can also use this ghost detecting equipment to track a possible paranormal being, however before doing so make sure the tables are not turned and instead of hunting you become the hunted.

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