How To Make A High Voltage Generator - Circuit Diagram Added

The first high voltage was generated by Nikoli Tesla way back and since then it's importance was understood and applied in many diferent fields. 

Though high voltages may find many different applications, specifically they are used as fence chargers for safeguarding a premise from intruders in the form of humans or animals.

Please refer THE CIRCUIT DIAGRAM for better understanding how to make a high voltage generator circuit.

The proposed circuit is basically lifted from a ignition system of two wheelers. Here the iginition coil forms the main component and is used as a step up transformer. However it must be fed

with some AC supply ranging from 100 to 200 volts, according to which the voltage stepping would be implemented.

The basic 200 voltage is aquired from a

rwo transformer netwok which is used to generate a potential of the above level but at lower current levels.

This voltage is fed to the iginition coil through a capacitive discharge circuit comprising of a SCR and a high voltage capacitor firing network.

However to keep the high voltage generated from the iginition coil at safe levels the input 200 volts from the first transformer is appropriately pulsed using a IC 555 astable circuit.

This restricts the voltage in the form of a pulsed train instead of continuous voltageand thus implemanting the function properly yet avoiding lethal voltages which could otherwise kill.

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