How To Make An Led Electronic Candle Circuit

Candles are not new to us, and probably are being used since ages for the purpose of illuminating house or a certain premise. After electricity was invented, candles became more like a decorating item than a useful item.

However even today we need them for the said purpose and feel it's importance during a power failure, but again with the advent of LED lights, the importance of candles have gotten limited to birthday cakes and candle light dinners.

Electronics today has intervened everywhere and for good. Candles are no exceptions and electronics has also helped to devise candles which apparently look similar

but are very high tek.

The present idea of an electronic candle circuit uses an electronic circuit for illuminating

a LED light, which is probably more efficient than an original wax type of candle.

The circuit is basically a small led emergency light, consisting of a LED, a switching circuit, a rechargeable battery, which together attributes an automatic action to the unit. When mains AC is available, the LED remains shut off, in case the power fails, the LEd comes ON and starts using the battery.

Furthermore the circuit has a unique "puFF' to off feature which allows you to literally breathe the LED off through a single puff of air from your mouth.

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