How To Make Music Controlled Party Lights

Any party or a festival is impossible without music and dazzles, especially when it’s a Christmas party an enhanced ambiance becomes an absolutely essential. Dazzling, blinking, strobing lights, we have all seen them pretty commonly during celebrations and festive occasions. However, introducing music to lights or rather synchronizing the two together so that the lights oscillate and follow the music pattern can add a lot of interest and enthusiasm into the oarty atmosphere.

Although the circuit may appear to be difficult but actually linking the two stages is very easy, obviously a bit electronic connections may be required.

In many of my

previous articles I have described LED lights and circuits to illuminate them in many different artistic ways.

In this article we will discuss how to make arrays of LEDs and mains

operated incandescent lamps move and oscillate in a forward and backward motion corresponding to the input music that's being applied.

The connected incandescent bulbs may be fixed in rows and columns to generate highly pulsating lighting show. The pulsation created by the disco light arrays in response to the music peaks can simply become a visual extravaganza.

A couple of circuits that may be used as music controlled Christmas lights are discussed HERE. Let’s understand their functioning through the respective explanation


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