How To Make A Musical Greeting Card

Want to surprise your dear one by sending a self made musical greeting card? A little knowledge of electronics and the simple instructions provided here is all that you need to make a greeting card “sing” every time it’s opened.

To learn more regarding how to make a musical greeting card please see the CIRCUIT DIAGRAM of the actual unit.

As illustrated in the diagram alongside, wire up all the complex apparatus (except the cell) by abutting them through baby pieces of the accustomed adjustable wire. The access to the accordant credibility should be done by soldering the bare ends of

the wires.

After this, abode the aloft active cobweb over the larboard duke close bare ancillary of the greeting card. Adjust anniversary basic so that they lie as collapsed as accessible with the agenda background.

Glue anniversary basic with the agenda on which it’s placed and let it dry.

Once the

absolute accumulation dries and is durably fixed, you may attach the 3 V corpuscle to it. Don’t anguish if it starts “singing,” as it will abide on alone for the time the agenda charcoal accessible (while you’re accomplishing the finishing allotment and the LDR charcoal exposed.)

Finally admeasurement up the acquired attenuate artificial area or a agenda and cement it over the cyberbanking accumulation so that all the “machinery” is hidden. Accomplish abiding that you accomplish a baby aperture aloft the accessory for the LDR to accredit it to “see” ablaze whenever the greeting agenda is opened.


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