How To Make A Phut-phut Toy Boat

Take the two straws or the bent metal tubes and fit to the metal vessel so that the smaller bent terminals precise fit with the apertures over the boiler pot.
The insertions may be done by soldering or welding, ensuring that the tubes are exactly parallel to one another.

Please refer the DIAGRAM to know how to make a toy boat
The finished assembly must appear reasonably identical to the sample diagram that shown in the image inside the article.
After this, it’s all about placing the construction on an correctly dimensioned boat like vessel. The placement must be such

that the “vessel” does not shift to and fro direction, in simple explanation the front area of the boat should be well countered to the back portion which
keeps the added weight of the above assembly.
A part of timber can also be chosen if it’s correctly chiseled according to the diagram with data precisely similar to that of a metallic boat.
Toward the back point where the two tubes or the pipes end out into the water tank may require a bit of attention. The apertures via which these tubes are passed should be as snug as can be done and glued with epoxy after the pipes are fitted. Actually the whole boiler structure should be tightly fitted to the bottom of the boat by nuts and bolts

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