How To Make Power Supply Using Ic 317

All electronic circuits need power supply for operating. The power supply used for operating electronic circuits must be well regulated and current controlled.
Power supply equipment is probably one of the most important tools for an electronic enthusiasts. Even the newbies need a power supply while learning the various aspects of the sublect. However the unit also being a circuit can become a headache while constructing it for the new comers.
Buying a commercial produce does not guarantee good features and the ones which sophisticated may be quite costly.

Please refer the CIRCUIT DIAGRAM for understanding how to make power

supply circuit using IC 317

Today there are many interesting chips which single handedly are able to provide all the features a good power supply unit

may be expected to have.
The IC 317 is one of those versatile and outstanding chips which is designed specifically for power supplies.
Basically a complete working power supply unit can be mady by interconnecting the IC with just a couple of other ordinary passive components and can be done within minutes.
The IC has three pin outs which are configured to the respective parts and designations. The IC is able to handle a good 1 amp of current and can produce well regulated variable voltages right from 1.25 volts to a maximum of 25 Volts provided the input is supplied from a 0 – 30 volt transformer and a bridge rectifier network.

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