How To Make Random Simple Transistor Circuits

In this compilation of simple transistor circuits (schematics) you will come across many small very important transistor configurations, especially designed and compiled for new budding electronic enthusiasts.

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Cheap power amps use. this circuit (with low supply ripple reiection) and / produce annoying amounts .0f hum at low signal levels.
The current from the input signal should be restricted in such a manner that discharging transistor of the IC can operate safely.
In this case, the ‘on’ resistance is quite low and ‘off' resistance is considerably high, and hence it

may be applied in a precise work where a positive signal having an amplitude of the order of several volts is to be switched more or less accurately.
The LED illuminates only
when the battery voltage is greater than the preset level.
Three-terminal voltage regulators are available in 5,9,12/l5,18 and 24V types.
The supply will provide up to 400 mA and the output can withstand a short circuit without damage; lt is there- fore ideal for the experimenter qr for use with high drain appliances.
This device ensures safety and protection to your gadgets, but will not regulate the power supply. If the voltage excursions are too much and too often, or if uninterrupted operation is required along with safety, use this cutout in addition to a voltage regulator.

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