How To Make A Reverse Forward Led Light Chaser - Circuit Diagram Added

Light chasers are electronic decorative devices which incorporate lighting effects simulating a "chasing" effect, in the form of illuminated light "dots" or "dark spots".

These electronic circuits have many light bulbs in the form of LEDs or incandescent bulbs arranged in a row or in arrays. Once switched ON the light bulbs start illuminating in sequence, one after the other.

The sequencing may happen through many different patterns depending upon the configuration of the circuit.

Please ask for the circuit here THE CIRCUIT DIAGRAM for getting a better view of the concept and the parts required for making a reverse forward light

chaser circuit

Usually, the sequence of shifting is from one end to the other and back, however more interesting chasing effects can be

achieved by making the lights "run" from one end to the other and return from the end to the start point and so on.

One such light chaser circuit is explained in the proposed article, where 5 LEDs run from end to end to produce a forward - backward motion of the LEDs.

The circuit basically employs a Johnsons counter divider IC 4017. The IC is configured such that the connected LEDs are able to dance in a forward and backward motion quite emitating the light chasing effect.

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