How To Make A Simple Buzzer Circuit - Piezo Electric Buzzer

The buzzer circuit described here is extremely easy to build and utilizes just one transistor as the active component, entire procedure is discussed below.

This aural achievement may be either in the anatomy of a active or a beeping sound. The complete is created by inducing accelerated movements in the diaphragm of the buzzer. In cyberbanking buzzers these accordance are fabricated by an oscillator ambit which drives a piezo to aftermath the sound.

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In electromechanical buzzers these oscillations are self-made through a accelerated switching of an electromagnet. The best archetype

of an electromechanical buzzer is the alarm alarm acclimated in offices; the horn acclimated in automobiles is addition archetype of an electromechanical buzzer.
Before acquirements how to accomplish a buzzer, let’s aboriginal see how these electro- automated buzzers function.

How Electromechanical Buzzers Function?

An electromagnet forms the capital allotment of all types of electromechanical buzzers. These may be either AC operated or DC operated.

In AC buzzers, the AC Mains voltage is activated to an electromagnet coil. The alternating voltage induced in the braid generates a capricious alluring acreage in accordance to the activated voltage, which in about-face vibrates an adamant bowl to aftermath the appropriate aural active sound.


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