How To Make A Simple Dimmer Switch For Incandescent Lights

Basically in an electronic dimmer switch for incandescent lights, a triac forms the main part of the circuit and is responsible for the intensity control of the lights through phase control. Let’s learn more about its functional details and how to build it.

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Thus only when the relay operates, the live wire is connected to the output through R/l contacts. The second pair of contacts R/ 2 is used in the neon circuit.
Both circuits are protected against overload or short-circuits.

/> The current cannot exceed a value of 330 mA.
if neither light, this means that the diode under test is open circuit.
lt would also have application in the repelled supply for a reflex-klystron microwave oscillator. CRO deflection

amplifier supply is another possible application.
The accompanying table gives the values of Rl for different zener voltages.
This increases the volatge to 30V. A 0.1;4F capacitor should be connected across the zener diode as shown. The zener should be of suitable wattage rating. In a similar manner for 27V use a 3,3V 'zener or for 33V a 9.1V zener.
lf we change the polarity of the diode under test the appropriate LED will light. If both of the LEDs go on, this means that the diode is shortad.
The LM30l supply may be as low as :4V.• or up tc x10 Hz, to about 4% mean.

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