How To Make Simple Improved Power Supply Circuits Using Ic Lm317

Today with the advent of modern ICs making small compact high power adjustable power supply units has become truly easy. One such IC is the IC LM 317 which has most of the features built-in and we just need to attach a pot and a couple of resistors to make it start operating with the proposed functions.

The IC has an internal over load protection, short circuit protection and thermal rundown protection with excellent line and load regulation features.

The IC LM317 is so efficient that an almost infinite number of different, compact, high-end 0 - 24 V power supply circuits

can be made using it. The configurations can be placed for different applications for enhancing an existing unit with parameters that would virtually make it ultra safe.


few useful application circuits using IC LM317, compiled from National Semiconductor's PDF datasheet are carefully explored in this section with the help of the associated circuit diagrams. All the circuits explained below needed an unregulated input supply (max. 35 Volts) from any standard transformer/bridge/capacitor configuration.


Let's try to grasp the circuit functioning of each of the following collection of LM317 circuits. (Please note that the diagram may show LM117 which has identical features and specs as LM317, thus both are interchangeable).



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