How To Make A Simple Water Level Controller And Indicator Circuit

Water storage tank is probably an integral part of all houses and buildings. Without water tank a residential system can be considered completely incomplete. However, one serious issue involved with all water tanks is the overflowing problem, which most of the times becomes difficult to monitor and control manually.

Since water supply timing in parts of the world is quite unpredictable, checking overflowing of water overhead tanks can really become a headache. Overflowing of water may result a lot of damage to the surrounding valuable assets and also wastage of precious drinkable water.

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The proposed circuit of a novel water level controller unit can be built quite easily at home and installed
in conjunction with the existing water tank whose rising levels is to be monitored.

The circuit uses just a single CMOS IC 4093 and a few inexpensive passive parts. The whole circuit can be soldered in a general purpose PCB. The output sensor wires are directly immersed in the water tank in a special sequence as directed in the article.

The entire assembly can be accommodated inside a small plastic enclosure with the relevant points terminated outside.

The circuit is very efficient and once installed will carry out its proposed function without fail virtually forever.

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