How To Make A Toy Telephone Without Using Batteries

Children are always fond of imitating the adults and talking over the phone is no exception. Though today it's the era where cell phones have become quite common even with the children, making their own toys like a toy telephone circuit that would work quite like a real one can be definitely a lot of fun, simply because the child is able to gain a lot of appreciation through the project from his friends as well the elders of the house.

Making a toy telephone may look a bit complicated, but the present idea is a simplicity by itself. The

involved project is perfectly suitable for the school children as it is free from complexities and is very cheap to build.

The idea quite resembles the age old

toy telephone idea made by fixing small sticks inside a hollow container which could be covered over the ear and the fixed stick would carry a stretched string upto another similar pair of container to be plae near the ear of the receiver.

The spoken volice then gets transferred through the stretched string into the ear of the receiver so that the spoken whispers become audible to that person.

The present idea is though similar is a bit sophisticated as here the conveyer part does not need to be stretched and thus may be carried on to different locations, rooms or floors.

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