How To Make A Voltage Monitor Circuit Using Ic 324

The IC 324 is a quad opamp IC consisting of four opamps in one package. The IC is a versatile device providing virtually unlimited circuit application ranges.


The four op amps can be used independently os may be combined to form many different types of circuits. Some of common application includes configurations like amplifiers, comparators, precession rectifiers, music synthesizers; each of these can be further modified to produce numerous other types of circuits.

Refer the CIRCUIT DIAGRAM to better understand how to make a voltage monitor circuit.

The present design is intended for tracking or monitoring a particular range of voltage

through discrete LED indications. For making the circuit perform this function, its four opamps are configured as individual comparators.

Each of these comparators are designed appropriately for sensing the variations that may take place in the applied voltage levels. These sensing is done with reference

to a sample fixed voltage clamped at one of each opamp’s input pin outs, the sensing voltage being applied to the other pin out via a preset.

The Leds at the output are cascaded across the outputs of the opamps in such a manner that only LED is lit at any instant, indicating the relevant value of the input voltage level. Here the indication is achieved only through three levels which can be suitably modified by adding more 324 IC’s and by repeating the shown configurations.

The voltage to be sensed are adjusted by setting up the relevant presets appropriately by supplying tripping sample voltage levels using a variable power supply input.

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