How To Make A Water Level Alarm Circuit

I have already discussed many water level monitoring devices which may be effectively used for controlling or for just keeping a watch over the rising water levels inside an overhead water tank.

All these circuits though work on a basic principle of detecting the water levels by sensing the conduction of current  through the water for triggering the electronic circuit associated, the present has one striking advantage.

All these previous circuits incorporated external buzzers or sound generating equipment for the required alarm outputs. Here the circuit itself is an oscillator and is able to produce buzzing sound, once its time determining component

which happens to be a resistor is connected. However this resistane value is not an actualt resistor rather the water

coming across the points where the tone resistor needed to be connected acts like a resistor and offers quite a similar level of resistance (around 150K) enough for the circuit to generate an ear pircing sound.

[Are you looking for a custom built circuit for a specific application, feel free to post it HERE]
The circuit is built around a couple of transistors and a capacitor which form a feed back type of oscillator. The circuit uses a loudspeaker for driving the oscillations and the alarm.

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