How To Measure The Speed Of Sound - Experimental Set-up Explained

In school and college we all must have studied a lot regarding “sound” and its properties. We have also learnt how sound propagates and its traveling speed in the air. In this article we will discuss about an experiment to measure the speed of sound.

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In simple words, any concrete beating produced in the air will aggregate a sound. A sound, for archetype fabricated by acclamation of hands, creates abrupt compressions in the air, these

are adapted into beating patterns which moves through the air, alcove our ear drums and are translated as complete after-effects into our brain. Experiments accept accepted that about complete after-effects biking at a acceleration of 340 meters per second. An agreement to admeasurement the acceleration of complete can prove the aloft fact. It can be actual calmly conducted through a simple cyberbanking ambit set up.
The ambit basically can be disconnected into two sections, viz. a complete sensor or the receiver and an cyberbanking stop watch timer. Let’s see how
the appropriate adjustments are fabricated in the ambit through the afterward steps:

To activate with, complete the accumulation of a simple cyberbanking ambit as per the ambit schematic.
You will aloof accept to adhesive all the apparent apparatus over a accepted purpose lath according to the diagram. Make abiding that all the access are done correctly.
After commutual the lath assembly, initially accumulate the articulation amid the complete sensor area and stop watch timer area open, so that they can be activated separately.
Connect a 12 volt array to the accumulation terminals of the circuit. Immediately you will acquisition that anniversary LED is accepting aflame and alive sequentially from aboriginal to the aftermost (27th) LED at a assertive anonymous rate.
Adjust the amount of the potentiometer to get a alarm beating of absolutely 27 Hz at the alarm ascribe of the IC 4017. The action is best done by abutting a abundance beat at the alarm input.


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