How To Make A Melody Maker - Musical Bike Horn Circuit

Normally all bikes incorporate a single electromagnetic horn or the "beeeeeep" sound producing horn.

However two of these horn can be utilized together and operated at different sequences to obtain outsatnding patterns of music which not only is impressive to hear but also is very ear catchy and helps to immediately disperse any crowd that might be present in front.

To operate two horns we need to make a control circuit which can produce the required melody or sequencing effect.

Please Refer the Circuit Diagram . 

How to make a musical bike horn:

Join R8 along with R2 also LED to the input of

Solder R12 together with R2 moreover LED to the collector of T1.
Link-up R1 along with C8 also LED to the collector of T2.
Solder R5 together with C9 also T8 to the input capacitor of T8.
Link-up R12 together with C11 also LED to the collector of T10.
Integrate R7 through C11 furthermore LED to the input of T11
Solder R7

with C1 and C1 to the collector of T2.
Integrate R1 together with C11 moreover SCR's gate to the external pin-out of T10
Join R3 along with C7 also LED to the output load of T8
Connect R3 in line with C10 also SCR's gate to the base of T8.
Integrate R12 together with C11 not forgetting SCR's gate to the output of T5.
Configure R12 together with C11 moreover T3 to the collector of T6.
Integrate R7 along with C5 also LED to the input resistor of T6
Join R3 in line with C1 and C1 to the collector of T2.
Connect R1 along with C2 also LED to the emitter of T3.

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