How To Protect Your Refrigerator From Abnormal And Fluctuating Mains Voltages

Sophisticated electronic devices like TVs, music systems, computers mostly associate with them built in voltage stabilizers circuit which are able to control voltage ups and downs quite reliably and very rarely do they fail. Furthermore instantaneous voltage blanking and rapid successive voltage cut-offs don’t matter them too much.

However, domestic electrical gadgets which consist of motors, especially in the form of compressors, as an example in fridges and air conditioners, can be particularly vulnerable to sudden or brief voltage fluctuations.

Also if there’s an inhibition in the mains supply, preferably such appliances need to be switched off for at least two to

three minutes and then switched ON for allowing proper stabilizing of the refrigerant fluid.

Since it’s not practically plausible to regularly watch such mishaps, a suitable automatic device if incorporated

for the purpose can surely prove very useful.

So what do we exactly want such a device to do? Off course, simply to switch off the refrigerator or similar load during short power breaks (even instantaneous power failures) and switch it ON back exactly after a set delay of time not concerning the situation of the mains power.

The proposed circuit idea of refrigerator appliance compressor failure protector is straightforward, agrees with the above specs. Once installed, it will accurately carry out the required safety operations and never allow any hazardous voltage malfunction to break in.


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