How To Read And Save Power By Making This House Mains Ac Monitor Circuit Using Digital Panel Meter

Are you confused how to monitor AC (Alternating Current) with digital panel meter or any digital multitester for that matter? Well, monitoring or watching mains AC current consumption of a particular individual appliance or of the whole house using a digital ammeter/current meter is easy.

The idea may be easy but highly impractical, because the procedure is not safe, tiresome and moreover engaging a costly multitester for the task doesn’t seem to be a feasible procedure. An occasional checking through the above method may be justified but for a all 24*7 monitoring surely a rather better, robust and cheaper system would

be advisable..

The proposed idea for monitoring and measuring house mains AC includes a cheap moving coil meter and also a smart

circuit to produce a warning tone in case the current consumption rises above a predetermined level.

This facility becomes especially useful to monitor the current consumption of a remotely situated residence (more suitably a rented one) and make sure that power there is not ill-utilized or overkilled without the permission of the house owner.

The circuit acts quite like a power saver is easy to build and utilizes very little number of components and therefore becomes very economical yet performs the said operations flawlessly.

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