How To Wire And Calculate Led Safely - Using Formulas

LEDs are the devices of the era, you can find them actively taking part in all walks of life. In fact almost 99 % percent of all visible indication systems use LEDs for the application.
LEDs have today replaced the age old incandescent bulb type torches which use to provide ordinary light quality and yet consume comparatively huge power.
LED torches are able to function at virtually 80% more efficiently than the above age old filament bulb type of torches.
LEDs today not only are used for illuminating purposes but also as an outstanding means or decorating through illuminating a

place with dazzling colored light effects.
LEDs are available in all possible colors, red, green, blue, yellow
and white being the more prominent ones.
These tiny ornamental lights have also become tertty popular among the kids and also many electronic enthusiasts as they are now able to make many different projects using them.
However how to wire LEDs may not be as straightforward as ordinary filament bulbs. These require special calculations, though easy to understand ae definitely critical and must be followed as described in the proposed article.
You can either connect them in series or parallel or simply a single LED for indication reasons but only after calculating the respective parameters and employing them correctly.

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