How To Wire And Repair Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures

Flurouscent lamps and light fixtures have gotten pretty popular all over the world. It's one of those sources of artificial light which well replaces day light illumination levels and we all are definitely very satisfied with the them.
However due to stiff competition with this product in the market, the quality has deterioriated and we find these lamp sometimes start giving problems very early.
If only everybody could repair flourescent lights things would become quite favorable.
Actually repairing flurouscent lamps is very easy once we understand the internal wiring of these wonderful lighting devices.

How fluorescent lamps art wired

Looking at the

fixture of a fluorescent lamp we find that it has two flexible flaps at the two ends, a central ballast unit and somewhere in the line another unit called starter.
The two flaps consists of holders which have two pins each and connects with the relevant pins of the attached florescent tube.
The starter and

the ballast also have two pin outs and so does the input AC required for operating the system.
Basically connecting all these together constitutes the fluorescent wiring and it's indeed very easy.
The wiring can be tracked from one of the supply inputs (phase), which goes to the ballast > comes out of the ballast > goes into, say to one pin of the left flap holder > terminates out from one of the (right flap holder) pin-outs to reach the other supply input (neutral).
The starter is simply wired up across the remaining pins of the left and the right flap holder.

Wiring or tracking fault can be easily done by following above layout and checking if any of the units is faulty or if there's break in the above wiring continuity. 

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