An Indian Housewife Should Be Careful About How To Wear Saree And Under

Typically, Indian housewives are quite careless about the way they present themselves in the open. Either they do it purposefully or they are completely unaware of the facts around them. When I talk about presentation, I mean the way the wives appear dressed or the knowledge about how to wear saree. As we all know, after getting married, women tend to get a little plumped with lots of flesh hanging from different angles of the body. This makes them look more sexier as far as men are concerned. It becomes rather a tedious task for these wives to hide their

heavier assets from the hungry eyes of the folks around and they quite often fall prey to these malicious visions.

If you get to visit an Indian vegetable market, you would find plenty of examples. You will find many gorgeous women paying no heed to their “dupattas”

and letting the assets get exposed to the devils around. Some women are even daring and come out with Maxis on, and yes with no protections inside, allowing their massive “parts” to dangle left and right making the scene uncontrollable.

Another aspect where these housewives are careless about is while selecting or bargaining vegetables, when they bend awkwardly making the situation vulnerable from both the sides, from the rear the folks may become very tempted and in front the seller may be weighing the vegetables and also the “bhabhis” assets with his penetrating glances.

This are just a few examples, the middle class housewives are all incredibly stuffed with many things to share with the men around.


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