Make This 200 Watts Stereo Power Amplifier For Your Car Audios

A car interior may be quite incomplete without proper music system installed. A car audio system ideally needs to have a couple of major features, first of all the reproduction from it must be crystal clear and secondly it should be capable of generating power packed thumping power outputs.

Though a huge number of car audio gadgets are commonly available ib the market, building your own homemade version with power capacity far ahead than the commercial units can be definitely very satisfying and amusing too.

The discussed circuit of a 100 + 100 watts car stereo amplifier is very

simple to build as it incorporates a single IC for the required power generations and a handful of other ordinary passive

electronic components.

The circuit utilizes SANYO’s IC the STK 4221 which consists two separate power amplifier blocks built into a single package. A neatly designed PCB layout readily accepts the IC and the other associated parts making the whole circuit assembly truly compact and small.

Since the indicated rating of the power amplifier IC may well exceed 200 watts, requires a well dimensioned heatsink which needs to be appropriately attached with the IC’s connection drillings.
The input to the amplifier is to be provided externally either from an ipod, cell phone or other similar portable music producing gadgets.

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